Today I returned to a skill that I've not used in many years. Interestingly enough, it came back to me with a little coaxing and the result is something I found quite pleasing.

It required a drill, an auger, a wire for "fishing" through two small holes across an exterior wall and several semi-precise steps resulting in a wire connecting to a powered outlet. This will power up a light and several new outlets I've installed to help make one more room in this old house livable.

Most of my day was spent in this room taking it through several stages of construction. Hanging 2x4's to make a ceiling framework; wiring outlets and a switch; stuffing insulation into the new walls. A year ago I did not find such work pleasant. Today I found it therapeutic, fun if not a little bit lonely.

an artist awaiting her own room which has been little more than a few boards standing in the un-insulated rec room

I'm glad to have taken a break from the normal work I can typically fill any day of the week with. I wonder what other skills I can re-awaken, just for fun and rejuvenation to regularly pull out of the over-worn channels I tend to revolved around.