As I continue to transition into this new season, new exploration and variables that make this point in time feel all raw, green and uncut I continue to pick up the box and shake all the pieces to see what comes to the top.

Like a box of legos, the next piece I build with will reveal itself or is buried just under the surface. Keep digging, uncovering, shaking.

Pick a piece up, test it. Try it on for size. Toss it back in the box if it isn't just right.

Start over. The pieces don't fit right.

Do it again. With different approach.

Because you can.

Because you want to.

With a little persistence, your creation will arrive. It'll be great, because it's yours. You made it. And for a little while it's the thing of your affection. Until it's time to put it away and you smash it - reveling in the joy of possibilities for tomorrow. When you get to experience the clean slate all over again.

I've smashed a few things over the last two years. Only to stumble on those pieces in the night and discover the frightful pain of misplaced bits of previous creations. I've been tempted to shove those pieces far far away, in a bin that I'll not stumble on again.

Only to wake up to mornings like today where those pieces were ready, available and a pure delight to handle, hold and connect with again.

What is my story today? The story I want to live, love and carry into my world.

What would I do if time, location and money were not an issue?

I feel like this is the game I need to play. Certainly with purpose and aiming for clarity. Yet nonetheless stretching my brain to act with childlike anticipation. Discovery mode.

Mars of the moon?

Inventor or engineer?

Kayaking or Surfing?

Diving or Spelunking?

Why is it that embracing unknown is so romantic to the imagination and so freakin scary in daily life?

As I continue to step into this challenge of getting thoughts into writing one thing is becoming clear to me. Exploration is to be embraced. It's going to be a core part of how I frame the work I do, the life I push into.

When things don't seem to be working, it's not necessarily because they're broken - it's because I've not found the right piece to put together and it's time to try a different approach. This means asking more questions, listening more, observing and experimenting more.

Here are a few thoughts I have to explore further:

What will happen if I reach out to current/previous clients and invite them to explore something they've never done before?

What areas of life can do more collaboration in?

What kinds of play can I do more of with my teenage kids?

How soon soon could I pull off a dream vacation with my bride?

What would happen if I explored the role of producer/project manager for NGO/development work in Tstan? Other places?

There's a few stories in there I'd like to discover ;-)