The key point to remember is that your source of credibility, the reason that a potential client will be interested in talking to you, is personal to you.
You can’t just copy the conversation strategies and techniques of someone with a very different background and capabilities like it was some kind of magical infallible script.
Just as happened with me, you can use the exact same words but they won’t work because they’re not backed up by who you are. They don't draw on your own unique strengths.
Those strengths will naturally change over time as you gain different experiences. And you can deliberately focus on building the types of experience and credibility you need.
But your first step is to understand what your source of credibility is right now. Why would someone take you seriously? Why would someone listen to your advice? Base your relationships and discussions with potential clients around that. - Ian Brodie on "How I Learnt To Be Myself (And Get More Clients)"

Today I made a decision.

Write my stuff.

Write it quick.

Write it personal.

Write it and send it (or schedule it to send at an optimal open time).

I've set Tuesday am as my writing morning.

Keyword - Content Mothership (thank you Stephanie Campanella for that).
My Content, my voice, my curiosity, my perspective.