I'm looking for a process that will repeatedly get me out of my head, simplify my focus and create a framework with which to open conversations, guide people through highly valuable rework of their home page & core landing pages of their websites.

This is something I have experimented with and experienced success with a number of clients. For my own content - the tendency towards complexity is holding me back.

I've grabbed a quote from Philip Morgan that helps me see with a little more clarity the fact that crafting my own system is the key to fueling my perseverance and effective audience engagement.

Intellectual property is your thinking made systematic and usable by a non-expert audience.
- Philip Morgan  [c2c] Developing valuable IP

Further into this content Philip asks a few questions to spur development of your own IP. The idea is to combine the art and science of a given question on which you have a hunch/perspective/boatload of experience. What causes or increases risk for your clients?

  1. What causes or increases risk for your clients?
  2. What causes or increases uncertainty for your clients?
  3. What repeatable 80/20 opportunities exist for your clients? Said differently, what are the top 20% of your client’s cohort doing that the rest aren’t? What are top performers in other fields doing that your clients could learn from?
Science + Story ...
I’m talking about you using data to increase the value of what you do for clients by reducing risk, reducing uncertainty, or infusing fresh thinking. And doing it systematically if at all possible.
All you have to do is pick a question that your clients crave answers to and do some research to start answering that question.

I am giving some effort to spelling out my answers in a stream of conscious manner here...

  1. What causes or increases risk for your clients?
    Confusing your audience, confusing yourself, employees and customers
  2. Causes or increases uncertainty for clients:
    Complexity of options, lack of metrics and unclear KPI
  3. Repeatable 80/20 opportunities:
    Very few are willing to go courageously simple with their home page/landing pages.
    In another industry...  ultralight backpackers practice radical simplicity go further and enjoy the journey more by choosing to carry less bulk.

    Business owners with radically simple landing pages get more.

    Business owners speaking the language of their audience grow their audience.

    Business owners with a simple, compelling story achieve more value.

Ok... feeling the need to make it complicated. Time to hit the stop button!