IN the face of low esteem for my skill, perspective, opinions, portfolio, personality and self a little courage is needed to just put one foot in front of the other. I've asked the question of myself and at times of others (though only thought and not directly inquired), "if you don't believe in yourself, why would you expect others to believe in you?!?!"

Easy to understand, AND more than just a little courage is required to keep getting up, putting your self into the mix and moving through the periods of doubt and questioning to discover the strength and passion buried just under the surface.

Today I am leaning into this idea of courage as a competitive edge. What if instead of seeking the guaranteed and safe results the idea of experimentation and discovery are the marked difference of my offer? What would it look like to lean into the discovery process to create a pathway for creative business owners towards courageous and bold moves? What would happen if I found courage to start over and dared to imagine a future that thrills me instead of bores me? What will it take to face the fear, doubt, the blinding stare of the unknown?

What if I choose courage today?

Unlocking courage, when truly embraced and understood, can be your competitive advantage and ultimate X factor...
- Return on Courage by Ryan Berman

What if I lean into the areas that I know I need help in order to reshape, reimagine and relaunch? What if I start over?

"We blew up the bridge. We had courage obviously to do that, but it also put us in a situation where we had to be all in. We needed to create five years of sales in one year, which meant we needed an incredibly strong message. If our message was strong though, our product needed to be great."  
- Russel Weiner, first time chief marketing at Dominos (2008) following two years of research and decision to drop 5 decades old recipe

What is the "great" I want to be creating and how will I move into strong messaging each step of the way...