"Empower courage and bold moves" - Tim Griffin, notes on "why story? what motivates me, what's the vision I have for story?"

"Lead with these: courage and bold moves" - Chris Martin regarding how to keep showing up in with the people I already show up for/with.

She's decided that she cannot be married to a person who rejects her beliefs and values. She's living at his parents home with him and their two young daughters. She's dreading the agony of losing everything. She's dreaming of the freedom to be outside a relationship that is suffocating her from the inside out.

She's an artist. Gifted and recovering from lifelong habits of people pleasing.

Ginger and I want to affirm her, to back her as she takes a drastic yet bold move to lean into the path of courage. To care for herself like she's worth it. Because she is.

Last night this artist opened up during our weekly gathering and she was not the first. Several told of very personal challenges where they are stepping into life paths new and uncharted. This depth of connect is uncomfortable. It requires effort to engage and maintain that connect during and after the gathering. Yet, it is beautiful to have this opportunity to experience change, courage and strength in togetherness.

I am leaning into this reality of togetherness, safe yet dangerous arenas to experience change and growth. Reflecting on my personal approach to life and work this is a repeating pattern that plays out: creating spaces for challenge, affirmation and bold moves into become the you that is just waiting to come forward.

Bold moves I am in the middle of now:

  • A working family budget: Ginger and I revisited this yesterday and committed to daily review and weekly check-in so this can finally start working for us as a couple.
  • A growing list of "dreams / hopes" that we can use to motivate us towards action to see more of these become reality than not.
  • A blank page titled, "Communication Strategy - Courage & Bold Moves" for collaborating with partner to accomplish funding and training opportunities for local artists in the overseas non-profit studio I'm connected with.
  • A blank page titled, "My Weekly Routine" on which to create the weekly budget of time I want to spend in key areas of personal/family/business pursuits. Well... this one won't be blank for long since it's the first I'll take action on following this post ;-)