Recently someone told me that as a result of my process, and the way I interacted with them from the beginning, they knew they were going to get the help they needed.

This affirmation coupled with my belief that I could indeed understand and address the problem they faced led to a joint effort and solid outcome.

In actuality, this has repeated itself several times over in the last three months and while it seems that the transition from technician, pixel pusher to consultant is a slow moving train. It is actually moving.

Those who are not ready for this level of support either do not understand the value OR are just not positioned to take advantage of the opportunity have chosen to step away for the time being. I'm tempted to take that personally yet, there's no benefit in that self-deflating perspective.

My priority - area to focus on: serving well the individuals and groups which recognize the value and are in a position to secure that level of service.

The action of that focus? Communicate. Show up in video, audio, email, phone and in person. Let them know I am curious, connected and looking to be a part of amplifying the transformation the initiative they self directing through their work, creativity: the offer they are making in their world.

Here's an excerpt from today's reading:

* Specialize in problems where people with lots of buying power know about the problem and are self-motivated to solve it.
*Develop expertise and a point of view that differentiate you from others with roughly similar experience.

- Philip Morgan, Sales and Pricing [C2C]