I believe  leading is something core to my personhood.

I believe my leading style is not dictatorship.

I believe leading is synonymous with serving.

I believe my form of leading is still in it's formation.

I believe leading is about empowerment.

I believe my role is in the realm of mentoring and coaching.

I believe leading is about discovering and not a static list of "do's and don'ts".

I believe that accepting my role to lead is part of the fear I must embrace if being true to myself is an accomplishment to aim for.

Ok. So what prompted today's writing was this idea of Holacracy® as proposed by Brian Robertson in an interview with Chris Martin. Mind blown. Who could imagine such a form of organizational structure where purpose and personhood can held in a productive tension to the point that harmony is ever more achievable.

I've got a new approach to explore. And it seems more aligned with how I see the world than other models I've observed/participated in. Wow.