Of course, it's so obvious. In the event of an emergency/loss of cabin pressure you put your oxygen mask on first BEFORE you assist others.

If only that simple truth could be absorbed into my lungs each day.

The desire for order out of the chaos is palpable at this point while the belief mechanism is struggling to breath. Is it possible? To find calm, order and purposeful steps that empower my action and don't suffocate the internal me?

Is it possible to build a habit, a routine that gives me space to get out of my head, collect my thoughts and organize my responsiveness resulting in accomplishing the things that matter to me, the commitments and relationships I've initiated?

Yes, of course it is possible. Am I willing to go and get it? To establish the habit of routine - my routine, that works for me.

Following this short writeup, the week's commitments are getting a prioritization and THEN I'll schedule the growing list of items/people waiting for me to respond.

Routine - my oxygen mask when the pressure drops and I'm tempted to respond to others first and neglect me. So help me God.